The Star Child


The Star Child Project

– A Performative experiment, by Yong Sun Gullach

The Star Child project is part of a series of art expressions, circulating on the topic Transnational Adoption as modern colonization.

A female figure draped in white silk. Her body pierced with needles, attached with large transparent spherical objects, each filled with items and objects carrying a colonial reference linked to the global East.
The female figure attempts to move the body and objects in a room without harming her skin, that might be easily torn by the needles. She pulls silk threads from her dress to bind herself to the audience. A balance between the visual aesthetics and bodily discomfort, a balance between stereotypical projections and body reality.

The performance aims to investigate the ritual-burden that the colonialized body experience, by attaching objects that hinders a balance and movement. The experiment investigates the material, the audience and the body that leave traces – a bodily mark-a scar- scarification. The tactility of the materials both shapes and carry a clear reference to the colonization of Southeast and East Asia.

Photos by Mayra Navarette. 

curated by Hvid[mə] Archive at Gallery |Meter|, Copenhagen 10th of June 2017 

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